Monday, February 2, 2015

Get Life Right: Ten Minute Reads: Your Companion for Personal Growth, Prosperity and Fulfillment Review & Giveaway

About the book

Find out how easily and suddenly you can improve in any or every aspect of your life. 

It took Dave, a low-C student, 18 years to get around to reading his first book. How to Win Friends and Influence People, Think and Grow Rich, Psycho Cybernetics and Applied Imagination changed his life. Thirty years later he was fixed for life. Of the thousands of ideas he s read and tested since, he put his favorite shortcuts to the best life you can have in Ten Minute Reads on 70 Topics. 

Get Life Right will replace the thoughts that limit you with thoughts that empower you, warm up your relationships, attract interesting people into your life, convert your defects into assets and help you envision a better future, and the most direct path to it. It will get you living at the peak of your creativity. 

Stated differently, it will help you value yourself more and give you peace and motivation at the same time. For your smallest or deepest worries or wishes it will give you breakthrough insights and solutions. With this book, you’ll get a bigger kick out of life; and not just one in the rear. You are going to love this book. 

About the author

"As a young man, Dave struggled with school and personal growth. Talk of the Great Depression and the end World War II made him frugal and a bit discourage, yet focused. He followed the advice of several self-help books and, as a result, he got a college degree and a broker s license by the time he was twenty-one. He chose real estate where schooling smarts were not as important as judgment, common sense, a good plan, imagination, and the will to make his plan work. Through personal and professional experience, Dave overcame his timid nature by acting as if ; he dealt with his dyslexia head on staying organized, attempting fewer things at once, and gathering more information before making decisions; and he conquered his anxiety with rigorous exercise. 

The ideas in this book directly reflect the knowledge and experience Dave learned that helped him retire young, comfortable and happy. He is confident that they will increase your potential and enjoyment of life, too. Now in his 70 s, Dave runs the Great Silverado Foot race and mountain bikes some of the country s greatest trails."

My thoughts

There have been numerous times in my life where I have felt completely lost, down, and confused on what path I need to take. Then there have been times where I just don't like certain behavior or habits I have. There are many ways to improve oneself and here is one book that you definitely want to check out.

The author, David Dunn, provides 8 series to help the reader Get Life Right. Each section is designed to be taken at a slow pace so you can meditate, evaluate, and plan. Don't worry, this doesn't mean the book is super complicated. In fact, the book is really easy to read and follow along. The book is designed for reflection!

I love how the author says this at the very beginning of his book:
New thinking doesn't replace thought habits suddenly. The ideas in this book aren't the kind you a sprint through. Allow time to let them settle in, and revisit the ideas often to reinforce them. The ideas in this book apply to strugglers and overachievers alike, everyone will benefit. Use it like a reference book.

What I really love about this book is that it is designed so you can pick what sections you really need to focus on and you can wait to read the other sections when the time is right! I love the flexibility to go to a section that I need help with without the pressure of reading an entire book.

Here are the series:
  1. Sharpen your thinking, focus, and creativity
  2. Plan a really exciting life and leave nothing out
  3. Learn, love and get the most out of your attributes
  4. Finance the life you want, doing what you like best
  5. Attract the people you'd like to be like
  6. Improve your relationships and marriage
  7. Create and maintain a close family
  8. The best life you can have
I first started reading the third section because self-esteem is something I have struggled with for many years. I am my harshest critic, and I am tired of my negative talk. I really liked how I could pace myself through the topics of the section and train my brain to look at myself differently. The best part of the book is that you can do take a topic of each section and work on it at your pace. As long as you are working on it, then you are making progress to a better life.

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