Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Monsterator Review

I'm so excited for Halloween and so is Monkey! I couldn't resist doing a Halloween review for this way fun children's book.

About the book

  • The book is about Master Edgar Dreadbury, a boy who finds Halloween a little boring. Edgar simply can't find a costume that is scary. He decides to go to a different costume store called the Monster Shop. In the shop, he discovers a machine called the Monsterator. He dropped a coin in the slot and stepped inside. The machine monsterated Edgar! Delighted with his ghoulish looks, Edgar decided to have some Halloween fun. Eventually, he went back to the shop to be un-monsterated. However, to his horror, the shop was gone! Edgar thought about his predicatment, and realized that being a monster wasn't so bad at all. He grew to appreciate his new looks especially around Halloween.

    About the author

    Tragically, Keith Graves was monsterated as a child growing up in New Orleans. He was never the same afterward. Legend has it that the hideous author now lurks in the dark forests outside Austin, Texas, along with his beastly wife and toothy twin cubs.

    My thoughts

    I love Halloween and so naturally my kiddos do too. Monkey loves to dress up in costumes, and he loves to help me decorate the house. The crazy thing is that he likes monsters! He wanted to hang up some skeleton window covers in his bedroom because he likes to growl at them.
  • When Monkey saw Monsterator, he was SO excited. He quickly grabbed the book and headed towards the couch. He had to "read" it first before we read it together. This goes to show how the book easily captivated his attention. 
  • The illustrations are done extremely well. There is a good balance between the grays and blacks to make the book spooky and enough color to make the book entertaining. The rhyming helped the story to flow and to allow the reader to travel to the Monsterator world. 
  • Monkey's favorite part of the book was at the very end. The final pages are cut into flaps so you can "monsterate" Edgar and the author. The flaps allow your child to get creative and imagine what the monsterator can do.My Halloween book collection is slowly growing, and I definitely recommend adding this book to your collection!


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  1. What an adorable book! I'll have to look for this one at the library.