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All About Carpets Review & Giveaway

About the book

So many variables go into choosing a carpet performance, style, color, budget and you are the only one who can decide on the best carpet for your home. All About Carpets: Everything You Need to Know is the only book written to protect and inform you about your carpet choices! If you have gone into a floor-covering store and felt confused by competing claims and fast sales pitches, then this book is for you. In this newly revised edition, carpet expert and flooring inspector Glenn Revere reveals everything you need to know to make smart and satisfying decisions. How to compare products when a lot of stuff is private labeled. How to know when something is really on sale. How can you tell if warranties are meaningless? What types of carpet will hold up best in different rooms of your house. Effective ways to complain to retailers and manufacturers about carpet defects, installation shortcomings, and other problems. Flooring is one of the largest investments you'll make when it comes to your home. Make smart decisions and your carpet will last a lifetime. Get the best performance from your carpet!

About the author

Ohio raised, carpet expert, and independent carpet inspector Glenn Revere graduated from Ohio State University with a B.A. in Anthropology in 1969. His first post-graduate job was with The May Company-Cleveland as an Assistant Buyer in the carpeting department. After receiving his training from a National carpet inspection company, Glenn moved to Denver, Colorado and began his career as a nationally recognized Carpet Inspector. As the flooring field matured and changed, Glenn became a Certified Flooring Inspector with specialties in carpet, laminate, hardwood, and engineered flooring. He owned a carpet cleaning company for twenty years and is trained in carpet installation and repair. Glenn consults for individuals, manufacturers, and installers. Glenn lives in San Diego, California. In addition to consulting, he enjoys skiing, swimming, tennis, and fishing.

Question & answer with the author
*from 2014 La Jolla Writer's Conference

1.      What is one of the most common mistakes people make when buying carpet for their home?

I’d say one of the most common mistakes people tend to make is buying by price instead of quality.  If you think about it, your carpet will be the most used surface in your home.  It is also the most visible.  Consumers should not skimp because they will just end up paying for it in replacement costs.

2.      What is the difference between hardwood, engineered hardwood, and laminate?

Hardwood generally refers to ¾” thick solid, real wood flooring. Engineered wood is a real wood veneer glued over a piece of plywood. Laminate is a plastic topped board made from fine sawdust. The “wood” seen through the plastic top is actually a photograph.

3.      What is better for a rental property, carpet or some type of wood flooring?

That depends. If the rental is multi-story, carpet is better acoustically; wood is noisy. Carpet needs regular vacuuming and professional cleaning. Wood is sensitive to water spills. It scratches easily if not swept regularly—a bad idea near a beach.  In either case, regular maintenance is the key to a long life. 

4.      What are a few common mistakes you see people make when filing a warranty claim?

I am not involved in the claims process, either before or after the inspection. Most claims are not filed by the consumer directly with the manufacturer. They go through the dealer first. Thus, the process takes time.  I advise people to be patient with the process and flexible with the results.  What I can tell you is that documenting everything is important.

5.      What are few tricks for making your wood flooring last longer?

Sweep regularly. Avoid abrasion. All wood is moisture-sensitive so avoid moister, including water spills.  Put pads under the contact point of furniture that will be on the wood.  And consider runners for areas of high traffic such as entry ways and hallways.  Going shoeless in your house is another great way to avoid bringing in small rocks and other things that can scratch, stain, or negatively impact your flooring.

6.      What are a few tricks to making carpet last longer?

Vacuum-vacuum-vacuum. Remove spots promptly with a non-sudsy solution. Have the carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis using industry approved methods. (This is often required in order to maintain the warranty.)

7.      What is your specific job?

I am a forensic flooring and carpet inspector. My job is to determine, through inspection and testing, if a flooring or carpet failure is due to consumer, installer, or manufacturer error.  It may not sound exciting, but I have seen some pretty interesting things over the years.

8.      What is the most unusual warranty issue you were ever sent to investigate?

Flies hatching from a newly installed carpet.

9.      How did you get into this line of work?  

I began my career as an assistant buyer in the carpet department at the May Company-Cleveland. The department used a carpet inspector for some of our complaints. While I was planning a move to Denver, Colorado, the inspection company asked me if I would like to learn the business and open an office in Denver. Over a forty year period, I branched into inspecting other types of flooring and now live in San Diego.

10.  What is the best piece of advice you would give to a consumer before they shop for flooring or carpet?

Educate yourself. Know what your needs will be depending on what the surface demands are, as well as personal preference concerning aesthetics. And don’t go by price alone. Make sure what you are purchasing is good quality.  Also, know the proper short and long term methods for cleaning and caring for your purchase.

If you'd like to learn more about Glenn, get answers to your questions, or to read Glenn’s Inspection Safari blog, feel free to visit his website here:

My thoughts

I know this is a different book to be reviewing. Why would I want to read about carpet? Well, my husband and I bought a house about a year and a half ago and the carpet is not extremely new. We really want to replace it, and I figured this book would help us out through our decision making process.

And, this book will definitely provide you with all the information you need and more! I was actually a little overwhelmed with all the information and terminology so I basically focused on what I needed to know for my carpet purchase.

First off I have to say that this book is organized really well, and that is saying something since I love organization. The book covers topics from how floor coverings are made, carpet yarns, carpet styles, carpet padding, carpet padding, buying carpet, carpet installation, carpet maintenance, and carpet characteristics and defects. Each chapter is very thorough and is full with tons of pictures to illustrate the types of carpet, types of carpet padding, types of carpet textures/styles, carpet installation tools, etc. The pictures were extremely helpful since I could see what the author was describing. Another helpful part of the book was its glossary at the back. I have to say how handy this was because I could just quickly turn to the back and look up a word that I didn't know.

The one thing I didn't like about the book is the black and white pictures. You can still see what the picture is about, but I prefer colored pictures. Despite this one issue, I would still recommend this book. I feel this book has definitely made me feel better about purchasing carpet, the installation process, and the general up keeping of carpet. I like being an informed buyer, and if you want to be one to, then check out this book.

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