Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What Are You Waiting For Review & Giveaway


About the book

Foreword by Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the SoulISBN: 978-1-936740-52-9
Trade Paper, $15.95
5” x 7”, 310 pages

After losing her dream home and all her worldly possessions to a raging and sudden wildfire that killed three people and demolished 21 homes, Kristen Moeller dove headfirst into an exploration of our cultural discomfort with grief, the existence of God, finding humor in the midst of tragedy—and what it means to be a human being with all our fabulousness as well as frailties. Through the sharing of authentic personal stories and profound life lessons, Kristen Moeller explores our pervasive human tendency to wait for life and to look outside ourselves for answers in her new book What Are You Waiting For? We don’t try; we give up. We sell out and we forget who we are. We are afraid to succeed, afraid to fail, and afraid to say we are afraid. But as Wayne Gretzky said, “You'll always miss one-hundred percent of the shots you don't take!” Kristen Moeller's mission in life is to inspire you to get on the path, move forward and take the shot.

The time has come to stop waiting for the world to make sense. The time has come to stop waiting for life to slow down and things to settle out. The time has come to live our lives anyway—in the face of waiting, of massive upheaval, as well as everyday stumbling blocks. If this really is (and I will borrow the profound words of Mary Oliver) our “one wild precious life,” what are we doing about that? Will we live in fear of the other shoe dropping? Or will we go forth anyway, into the unknown, embracing the uncertain and reveling in the wildness of the in-between?”—Kristen Moeller, from the introduction

About the author

Kristen Moeller, MS, is a coach, speaker, author, and radio show host. She delights in "disrupting the ordinary" and inspiring others to do the same. Kristen first discovered her passion for personal development in 1989 after recovering from an eating disorder and addiction. After years of struggling with low self-esteem, she realized that recovery and joy is possible. Determined to provide this for others, Kristen immersed herself in the field of personal growth, earning a master's degree in mental health counseling, volunteering and working in treatment centers while continuing to train and develop herself. Now, a highly popular radio personality, TED speaker and author, Kristen Moeller is an in-demand workshopper and visionary dedicated to providing people with the tools they need to find and live their passion. Moeller lives with her family in Evergreen, CO. Find out more about Kristen Moeller on her website at http://kristenmoeller.com/

My thoughts

When I first got this book, I thought it was going to be just another book on how to reach your dreams and/or get your dream job. However, I was mistaken! It was about not allowing life to pass you by simply because you are waiting for that "perfect moment". To me, I found the book to be about finding your purpose in life and learning to make the most of what life has to offer you.

I have to say that this book came at a good time in my life. I have been stuck in a this place where I just didn't know what to do so I just kept doing what I was doing day after day. Thankfully, this book helped point out some things that I really needed to hear.

The book goes through lots of different "waiting scenarios" such as waiting for love, waiting for yourself, waiting until you are absolutely certain, waiting for God, etc. The author, Kristen Moeller, puts in a lot of "gentle knocks" throughout the chapter and and at the end of the chapter in order to get you to take a moment and think about some questions. The questions are really good and help you pinpoint what might be bothering you or things that you need to work on.

This is a great book to help you realize to stop waiting and to start living!

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