Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"B" is for Butterflies!

For this week’s Calendar Day we’re focusing on the letter B!

I decided to take our learning on the road and we headed to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. There are literally B’s everywhere there!

On the way, BooBoo and I talked about what sound the letter B makes and I helped him come up with words that started with it. To be honest, he’s barely over 2, so he didn’t seem to care that much, but he was asking to see the “Bees!” as soon as we walked inside.

 I should explain that the pavilion is only one small part of this building. It’s more of an Invertebrate Zoo. There a bees, jellyfish, arachnids, starfish, beetles, and numerous other creepy crawlies.

While we walked through I pointed out each thing that started with B:

B is for Beautiful! (He loves spiders right now *shudder*)

B is for Bug.

Busy Bees!

B is for Banded Shrimp.

After we finished seeing the rest of the invertebrates it was time for the Butterflies!

BooBoo loved seeing the butterflies. He had fun making the Buh Buh sound as he ran around. We even found a "Buh" bench!

We enjoyed our alphabet adventure! What adventures have you had while teaching your kids? Tune in next week for Christina's lesson on C!

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