Monday, January 20, 2014

Building Snowmen

Pinterest Monday Inspirations:

Building Snowmen

I’d like to start this post with a disclaimer: I still haven’t seen Frozen. So, no, the title isn’t a clever reference to it. I wish it was. Maybe, after I eventually see it, I’ll pretend that it started out that way. Haha.

BooBoo Bear loves anything to do with snowmen. If he could, he’d have snowmen everywhere. When I was searching for a Pinterest inspiration this week I knew I had to do this as soon as I saw it. McGee’s Mom made a Christmas tree out of felt for BooBoo this year, and, while he loved putting it up and taking it down again, I knew that the original size was going to be a little large for our small apartment. So, instead, I miniaturized it.

I found my felt at Walmart (we do technically have a craft store nearby, but it doesn’t exactly have a great reputation for good customer service, so we tend to stay away) for about $.27-.97.
Then, all I had to worry about was finding objects that were the right size to trace. I remembered these funnels and got right to work.

After tracing them on the white felt, I then freehand drew the remaining pieces for my snowman. To make sure they would be the right size, I took the smaller funnel and made little marks to indicate the width on my felt and then drew the shapes of my hats and scarves to be just a tiny bit bigger, so they would look natural on our snowy friend.

While I was doing this, BooBoo decided to grab the funnels and build a Christmas tree. He kept putting the bigger funnel down and then stacking the smaller ones on top. I love that his imagination inspired that! He probably did it for a half hour while I finished up the prep work. Love that kid.

Then, I cut the pieces out. I wanted the scarves to have fringe, so I made sure to cut a little extra out and then carefully used my scissors to make little cuts going at different angles. I think that that made a pretty nice looking texture.

I plan on using this as part of a quiet book for BooBoo to use during Church/long car rides, so I made sure I could fit all the pieces inside a small sandwich bag.

I did a test drive of this at church yesterday and came away with a couple of observations: I would definitely recommend doing this, BUT I would hot glue the ‘snowballs’ down. I would also somehow attach the bag of parts to the bigger sheet of felt- by sewing on a little envelope or stapling it on. I plan on making these tweaks and trying it out again next week. Watch for an update! I also have a lot of felt left, so I’m excited to try out some of my other quiet book ideas. I’ll be sure to post some of them as they happen!


  1. Very cute :) for some reason I thought felt was more expensive than that... I'll have to go get some!

    1. So did I! I hesitated doing felt activities for the longest time because of that... Glad I decided to listen to my Mom and just go look for some :)