Monday, December 8, 2014

Wise Men Gifts - A Christmas Service Activity

My husband and I want to make Christmas special for our family. We want our children to learn that Christmas is about Christ. We want them to know that this season should be looking for opportunities to serve others and not just thinking about what things they want.

Christmas is such a beautiful time of year, and I want others to experience the joy and magic. There are a lot of people who are lonely, depressed, and struggling. I want to help those people out so they know they are loved.

When I was younger, my family was privileged to experience the "12 Days of Christmas". This is when some one starts delivering packages starting on December 13th for 12 days (it ends on December 24th) with the theme of the song 12 Days of Christmas. It was so fun waiting to hear the the door bell ring because I wanted to see what we could get. I don't remember everything because it has been a while but I do remember getting eggs for 6 geese a laying, milk for 8 maids a milking, and cans of pineapple for 5 Golden Rings. Here is a great blog post that provides ideas for each day!

I really wanted to do the 12 Days of Christmas for two individuals. However, my husband works in the evening and with small children it would be hard for me to doorbell ditch gifts for 12 nights in a row. That is when my husband came up with the idea of doing Wise Men Gifts! We decided that we would deliver 3 gifts to families or individuals that we feel need to know that they are loved.

How to do Wise Men Gifts:
  1. Pick at least one family or individual who needs some extra Christmas Cheer
  2. Decide on what gifts that you want to give them. Examples: gift baskets, food, games, baked goods, homemade items, etc.
  3. Print a sign that reads "Wise Men Gift #1 - Merry Christmas" or something like that. I printed the sign so no one would recognize my hand writing. (note: I will upload the sign soon!)
  4. Then deliver the gifts randomly during the month of December. I spaced the gifts out so the person/family would get a Wise Men gift about every week.
  5. Tell others about the Wise Men Gifts because this will spread happiness around!!

All I have to say is how much fun we are having with this service activity. We are having so much planning on gifts to give and picking a date to deliver the gifts. This is another new tradition my family is doing because it is helping us to make Christmas special and to help us remember the true meaning of this season.

Please share ways you serve others during this Christmas Season!

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