Friday, February 21, 2014


This week has just been awful! Things have not gone as planned, and my mood has been so despondent and sad. And as I thought about what I wanted to write for this post, I decided I needed to do something that will make me smile and hopefully you as well!

When Roo was born, I only thought about how he would want to do everything Monkey does. And, of course, I was right. Roo loves watching Monkey, and loves to try to follow him around.

It never even crossed my mind that Monkey would want to copy what Roo was doing. And, yes, when Roo was born, I made sure to spend alone time with Monkey so he wouldn't be forgotten. Anyways, Monkey loves to watch and do what others do. I just never thought he would copy his younger brother.

Story 1

Roo loves to be wrapped up tight in his blanket. He loves to cuddle. After Roo was born, Monkey watched intently as I would swaddle Roo. A few days after getting home from the hospital, Monkey started wrapping up his stuffed animals in blankets and tucking them into bed. My heart melted when I saw Monkey copy me by swaddling his bear.

Monkey prefers to be "rolled" which means he likes the blanket wrapped completely around him. Now, I wrap up two boys for nap times and bed times.

Story 2

I use a high chair to keep Roo busy while Monkey and I eat. One day after Monkey and I finished our meal,  I took Roo out of the high chair, and we went into the living room. Monkey didn't follow, and I heard some ruckus in the kitchen. I decided to go investigate. To my surprise, Monkey was sitting in the high chair, and he managed to lock the tray in place. He proceeded to "play" with a few toys. I couldn't stop laughing. Monkey was pleased for a few minutes until he realized being confined to the high chair really wasn't as much fun as he thought it would be.

Story 3

I like to take pictures. I'm not a photographer, but I love looking at pictures and seeing how my family has changed over the years. Plus, I love to scrapbook. The other day I thought I put up my camera, but I was wrong! I don't like to leave it out since Monkey is VERY curious and really wants to play with it. I left the room to go grab something, and I heard a noise that sounded very much like my camera. And, of course, the noise was indeed my camera. Monkey found my camera and decided to take pictures. So here are two pictures that he took. I couldn't delete them because the pictures remind me of how he wants to be like me.

What ways do your kiddos copy each other? And how do they copy you?

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