Friday, November 21, 2014

A Revised Chapter

It has been several weeks that I have been working on the blog again. And I know some of you are wondering why am I back writing considering I wrote a post saying that I was taking a long break from the blog.

After taking some time thinking about my priorities, I decided that I just couldn't give up the blog. I hate giving up on anything that I start. I am not a quitter. If I can train and run marathons, then I can certainly find a way to fit the blog into my life. I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts so I will continue blogging on the Howling Horn. However, I won't blog everyday and my family will come first. This will be accomplished by writing just a few posts a week instead of my 5 posts a week.

I would love to share my ideas, crafts, recipes, etc daily, but with what life has given me, I know it would just be too stressful.

So here is an update:

My precious little Roo is doing must better. His Mastocytosis is under control, and for the last several months he has developed no new symptoms! He is even sleeping through the entire night and has few digestive problems.

My adventurous Monkey is loving his preschool. He qualified for preschool services in the area I live to help with his speech. I wrote a post many months ago about despite doing all my home preschool projects and activities, Monkey wasn't speaking a lot. Anyways, he is speaking so much and he is right where he needs to be at for his age! The improvement he made over just a few months of preschool was simply astounding. The decision to send him to preschool a few times a week for a few hours was a really hard one, but I felt it was the best thing I could do for my little boy. 

I am finally able to take a rest from my yard work and gardening for a season. I had lots of fun bottling and trying new recipes out. I know next year my bottling skills will be even better. But I feel I did a pretty good job with teaching myself how to preserve food. My chickens are doing well and I am loving my fresh eggs. I am definitely going to write a post about my chickens really soon! And I am enjoying spending time with my kids. We did a week of going "park hopping" where he went to new parks everyday just to do something fun in the area we live in. I have to say that Monkey loved exploring new playgrounds!

Thanks for being so understanding while I sorted through my life. I can't wait to share some things with you especially this awesome learning board that I am creating right now for my kids. It will soon be featured in a craftin' and learning post.

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