Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Two Little Spoons Review & Giveaway

I'm way excited to introduce you to this cute business, Two Little Spoons. Haven't heard of them? Well, then you are missing out. They are a business that can provide things like customized drinkware such as tumblers, cosmetic bags, key chains, and holiday decor items.

Here is the description from the Two Little Spoons Facebook page:
Two Little Spoons was started by two sisters Stevie and Saundra. They grew up with a wonderful creative mother who taught them how fun it is to craft and decorate your home with beautiful homemade items. After years of crafting and creating, they took their passion and opened up Two Little Spoons. You might also see some of their mother's work here along with work of their sisters and friends!

Two Little Spoons are able to customize anything you have in mind so just ask and we will come up with something you will love!

I had the pleasure of communicating and working with Stevie. She sent me a sample box of some of the products they make. I couldn't wait to get the box because she said she was going to make something special for my son, Monkey. (I told her a few of his obsessions such as trains).

When I got the box, I was pleased to see that it was packaged with care. It is comforting to see that because you know that your items won't get ruined during shipping. Plus, I love how the wipe case is wrapped up in ribbon because it shows how Two Little Spoons cares about the products they make!.


The tumbler is decorated with vinyl trains, train tracks, and a railroad crossing sign. What I really loved was the detail of the train smoke. The smoke coming from the train spelled Monkey's name in blue, his favorite color. Instructions were included on how to care for the item which was very helpful.

When Monkey saw the tumbler, he quickly grabbed it! He kept saying, "Trains. Train tracks. Trains." 

The tumbler is made of high grade acrylic and is BPA free. It holds 12 ounces and can be used for hot or cold liquids. It comes with a straw that is a soft hard plastic (polypropylene) that can't be bitten off (good news for those kids who like to chew on everything). Depending on the customization you want done to this clear tumbler, the price ranges from $10-14. You can also get a larger acrylic cup (16 oz)  with an acrylic straw that comes in many different colors. Price ranges from $12 -16.

Key Chain

All I have to say is how this key chain is so adorable. I love the colors, and I love how I can take a little bit of my personality around with me on my keys. This key chain is a 2" acrylic square. The key chains also come in 2" acrylic circles.

The key chain is just the right size because it is big enough to be seen, but not big enough to be obnoxious.

This is a great item to get or to give because it can be personalized and doesn't take up a lot of room! Depending on the design you want, the price ranges from $6-8.

Cosmetic Bag

I LOVE cosmetic bags because they are so nice to organize my items at home, and they are so handy to take when traveling out of town. This cosmetic bag has been personalized with my name in glitter. I'm normally not a glittery girl, but I have to say that I love the design of it.

The great thing about this bag is that it is big and will be able to hold a variety of items.As you can see from the picture below, I have put in many cosmetic items and the bag is barely half way full! Plus, this cosmetic bag is big enough to hold smaller cosmetic bags which is a huge plus for me. The cosmetic bags are available in pink, purple, blue, bright green, and black. They measure 8.5" wide x 6" tall x 3.5" deep. And, again, depending on the design you want the price ranges from $12-14.

Wipe Case

I was really excited to get this wipe case because I always wanted one. The front and back of the wipe case has been personalized with my last name and with red chevron vinyl. I was glad to see some red since it is my favorite color.

I wanted to test out to see how well the case would work with my cloth wipes. And, I am happy to say that the case works great for cloth and disposable wipes!

You can get the wipe cases decorated in almost any color/design and can even get them in a boy or girl theme. I think this would be a great baby shower gift! Price ranges from $8-10.


Since this is our week of St. Patrick's Day Celebrations, The Howling Horn decided to do a different sort of giveaway this week... a Pot'o'Gold hunt! Do the 2 mandatory options on the GiveawayTools form and then follow the directions for bonus entries. 3 of these entries will stay the same, but keep an eye out daily for the fourth Pot'o'Gold... it will be moving to a new spot! Tricky bugger anyways.

Stevie of Two Little Spoons was generous enough to offer a $20 credit good toward anything they make in their store. How cute would these be for Easter, Birthday, Mother's Day, or Anniversary gifts?

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