Monday, March 17, 2014

Busy Book Part 2

One of my very first posts on Howling Horn involved building a snowman. BooBoo STILL loves that thing.He'll build it over and over and over again. In that post I mentioned that I was going to turn that activity into a busy book; and now, 2 months later, I finally have page 2!

I had such a hard time thinking about what I should do with it. I knew I wanted it to be felt because it's hard to destroy and would match the material already on the first page. I also knew I needed to work with BooBoo on his motor skills more. Poor kid is as clumsy as I am (cue all of my coworkers who had the privilege of both hearing and seeing my many disasters involving 25 pound bag of  flour running for cover). I want to help him hone his skills early. The first thing I thought of was pompoms. I cut out felt in shapes of flower pots and sewed them onto the felt so that BooBoo can 'plant' seeds. Eventually, I'll make some flowers for them to grow in to and make a post about it. I have some silly/crazy ideas for them.

The second idea was a skill every kid struggles with- buttons. I cut out a rectangle and then cut a slit the size of one of the buttons I had. Then I stitched around the hole the best I could, and then sewed the pocket onto the felt. You'll notice I sewed the top up in this picture, but I'll be removing those stitches to make it easier to use. To be honest, I'm not sure what I was thinking...
The last idea was an open pocket. Right now, we'll be storing some collectible stickers from a certain popular TV show that my friend sent me, but eventually I'll turn this into another post and make a fun friend to live inside of it.

All in all, this was so fun to make! I'm excited for BooBoo to play with this and see how it works out. I love making busy pages for him. Oh, and if you see the empty spot in the corner, that's where I'll be stitching BooBoo's real name. I left it open for the post, but I'll be adding it soon.

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