Monday, March 3, 2014

Glue, Glorious Glue

The day has finally come… I’ve been teasing this post for awhile now and I’ve finally tested the recipe enough to know it works. Introducing the only homemade glue recipe you’ll ever need. Really. Remember my finger painting post? And how I later admitted to a major mess-up? Well, before I knew the second batch would be such a failure, I had the genius idea to make completely homemade Valentines (minus the paper)- using homemade glue, homemade paints, and tearing instead of scissors. As previously stated, the paint failed, but I LOVE this glue.

I used it the day I made it, then in the ‘D’ post for my matching game, then for some drawing BooBoo made that I wanted to hang up together, then I experimented with some scraps I had left over from our 'F' week fish. I’ve now used it on paper on paper, felt on felt, and pipe cleaner on felt; it’s worked perfectly every time. One of the things I detest about using glue on pipe cleaners and felt is that it usually gets soaked up and therefore nothing actually sticks. Not the case with this glue. It stuck, perfectly, with very little mess.

1 c flour
1 1/2 c Water
1/3 c sugar
1 tsp of any vinegar
In a saucepan mix flour with sugar. Add half of the water  and mix until it's a thick past with no clumping. Add the rest of the water and mix until there are no clumps. Add the vinegar and put on medium heat until the mixture starts to thicken. Cool and transfer to an airtight container (glass or plastic works just fine).

Here’s my notes after a month of testing:
I decided to take the author’s ‘any vinegar works’ literally and used Apple Cider Vinegar. I like the smell of it better than white vinegar.

 The jar I’m using is a glass, air proof jar I got from a member of my Church for Christmas.
I’ve been keeping the jar in the fridge, but I have left it out a few times for a couple of days and it’s still just fine.

I’ve been using my finger to spread the glue, but I think a craft stick would work too. It’s probably too thick for a brush, but you can definitely try it.
It does take about a half hour to dry all the way, but once it’s dry, the item is going nowhere.

How would you use this glue? Let me know when you try it!

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