Monday, June 16, 2014

Camp MommyCon

I am a crunchy mommy. Alright, that's not entirely accurate. I am a MOSTLY crunchy mommy. We cloth diaper. We did Baby Led Weaning. We baby wear. I'm switching to reusable methods for my Monthly Visitor. I try to make foods from scratch or use pre-made foods that have 10 ingredients or less and that I can actually pronounce. That's it though. Nothing extreme. Just your typical saving money ways that happen to also be good for the environment.

That all being said, I nearly started drooling when I learned about MommyCon last year. What's MommyCon? According to their website: "MommyCon is natural parenting convention dedicated to bringing modern parents together for the purpose of discussion, connection and building community." Basically they get together the rock stars of the natural parenting world and have them give lectures and hold classes and you get to hang out with other natural parents and meet vendors you've been idolizing for year and.... Ok, I'm sounding a bit fan-girlish. I'll stop.

This weekend is Camp MommyCon in Winter Park, Colorado and I'm going! I volunteered to help out for a few hours (while wearing my baby, that's how awesome they are- I get to bring my baby girl with me and they won't blink an eye) and then I'm going to go and see lectures from Jessica from the Leaky B@@b (and her husband Jeremy who she writes the blog Beyond Moi with), the Honest Toddler, Jamie of The Baby Guy NYC, and some local doulas, among other amazing guests. Look at this schedule!

 I hope I get to see a few of you there, but if you can't go to this one there's no need to worry- they'll be coming to Memphis on August 23 as well as more dates to come! Keep an eye out for my post on my MommyCon experience as well as a chance to win tickets to a future Con. If you can't wait to find out if you've won, you can buy some here. Just use code: HOWLINGHORN at checkout. (Disclosure: I will get compensated for every use of this code and expect to be. Regardless all my opinions remain my own.)

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