Monday, June 23, 2014

Wire Crochet Jewelry

I like jewelry, but I'm not in love with jewelry. I think the problem I have is that I have a number of sensitivities to metals so I end up being allergic to a lot of jewelry that you can buy at the store. And, I'm very thrifty and don't like to spend a lot of money on jewelry that gets worn every now and then.

However, I was intrigued when I heard about making your own jewelry so I decided to learn more about it. I was able to get information from Adriana Laura Mendez, creator of wire crochet jewelry. She provides ebooks and video tutorials on how to create your own handmade jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces. There are so many options!

I thought the idea of making my own jewelry sounded like so much fun. Adriana was nice and provided me some ebooks and video tutorials for free. And, I just couldn't resist sharing to my readers about what a fun craft project this is! You can also visit her Etsy shop and see what she has done!

About Adriana Laura Mendez 

Adriana Laura Mendez is a jewelry designer that has always been passionate about the world of fashion and jewelry. In 2005 she discovered wire croceht jewelry and started to design jewelry as a hobby until she perfected it. Three years later, along with her son Julian Oribe she decided to launch her own jewelry company of wire crochet jewelry. 

Adriana made hundreds of unique jewelry pieces. But the road has not been easy. As a self-taught she had to learn by trial and error to finally being able to learn and achieve wonderful results. Today, after 9 years of experience in the field of handmade jewelry she wants to teach you all the secrets so you can make your own handmade jewelry from home.

Alongside with his son and co-founder, Julian Oribe, they have created a series of ebook and video tutorials that will help you to learn wire crochet jewelry. Adriana's dream is to share her passion for jewelry with you and guide you in the process of creating beautiful handmade jewelry.

Adriana specializes in the field of crochet jewelry in which she develops the Peruvian point. After creating numerous collections of jewels, Adriana and Julian decided to expand the knowledge of the art of wire crochet jewelry by selling innovative Ebook and Video Tutorials.

*note all images are obtained from her website in order to show what you can create!










My thoughts

I just have aren't those jewelry items so beautiful! I love looking at them because they are so pretty and unique. It is amazing what can be made using the wire crochet jewelry techniques. Wow!

I decided to first try making a bracelet. It is slow going because I have never crocheted before. However, I do find the ebooks and video tutorials very helpful. Adriana does an excellent job at showing the step by step process of how to make the jewelry, and I love how her ebooks are jammed pack with pictures. The pictures have been a huge help. I also like how she explains about the different type of wires, crochet techniques, and crochet needles.

I am able to start seeing some progress on my bracelet. Right now, I am practicing making the crochet loops because I want to have them down before I make my official bracelet. Hopefully in a few more weeks, I will have something to show. But, I just had to share what a fun project this is.

If you are interested, then click on the banner on the left hand side of the blog. We are doing an affiliated program with Adriana so some of the money earned from the sales will go to the blog. And, still in touch because we might be doing a giveaway where someone will have the chance to win a copy of one of the ebooks!

*Disclosure: all opinions are my own.

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