Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fleece Texture Baby Blanket

I like to think I can craft. I always get these splendid, out-there ideas for fabulous gifts for others, I just kind of struggle to actually succeed at actually making them. My craft baskets are full of balls of yarn yearning to be hats, clips and ribbons destined to be binky holders, bows and alligator clips for my friend's baby girl who's almost one now, and fleece that was supposed to be a baby blanket for a long passed baby shower. I do have a decent excuse when it comes to the fleece though. I was going to make a fleece tie blanket with fleece I'd found on sale- not realizing that it was on sale because the 2 colors were the end of bolts. Yeah. That means REALLY odd shapes. They were long enough to use, but not nearly wide enough.

This last week one of my very favorite couples welcomed their third child into the world. We happen to be heading their way soon so I decided to make them a gift. The first thing I thought of were those awkward pieces of fleece. While originally purchased for a baby girl, the teal and gray I'd picked were very gender neutral and I knew the baby boy would love it. But what to do with them? Then, it hit me. Why not make a Taggie blanket inspired mini fleece blanket? so, I got to work.

First I measured the length of the pieces of fleece (19") then I made marks on the width (also at 19") so I'd know where to cut.

Next, I measured 4" away from each end and cut out 4 squares.

Then, I cut strips of equal length all the way around, making sure to make them long and thick enough to easily tie.

Finally, I started tying knots all the way around. I tried to vary which color showed on the outside. I loved this part and it really only took about 15 minutes all told. After I finished I made sure to tug on all the ends to straighten it out and lie it flat. 

Aren't these colors gorgeous together?

So excited to finally have a way to use this fleece and have easy to do and pretty to look at gifts ti give to all the new babies entering my friend's lives!

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  1. I don't have any babies in the house, but I am going to have to make a bigger one for my daughter.