Saturday, April 19, 2014


*Disclaimer- This is a religious post. Both Christina and I are very religious in our personal lives, but we try to keep it separate from our blogging lives. This Holiday, however, is very personal to me and I can't let it pass without saying something*

Easter. A time for candy, eggs, and, if you believe a certain campaign that's gone viral this year, toys (save the chocolate bunny? Really?). It's also a time for family get-togethers, feasts, and special church services. Communities gather to allow children the joys of playing games and competing over brightly colored, plastic eggs.

(Don't worry - we have fun with Easter here as well. BooBoo Bear and Goofy Girl both loved the Easter egg hunt today and I can't wait to dye eggs tonight and do our own hunt when McGee gets home from work tonight.)

On the Christian side of this holiday (the side I'll be focusing on from here on out), Easter is about celebrating Christ dying for our sins and his resurrection 3 days later. In my religion, we don't dwell on His death- instead we choose to focus on the fact that he suffered for our sins and was resurrected, thus allowing us to someday be resurrected as well. I know that the eggs and the bunnies can be seen as representative of new life (a point driven home in an excellent children's puppet show at a Baptist Easter celebration we were blessed to attend today), but I feel like too little emphasis is place on Easter morning. I love going to Church and hearing the speakers (we don't have preachers or ministers in our Church) talk about their personal thoughts on Jesus's life, death, and resurrection. I love remembering that someday we'll be able to be with those who've passed on. Whether that be a child, a sibling, a parent, a grandparent, a spouse, an extended family member, or a friend we can and will see them again due to His sacrifice. I have so many family members and friends who've gone through so many truly hard things, and lost more than I can ever fathom, and I love spending Easter thinking about them and their families. This is one of my favorite songs:

Another favorite:

In closing, if you're so inclined, take the time to watch this on Easter:

 An amazing work by a true master, performed by an amazing choir. Regardless of your religion, this program has the power to speak to us all.

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