Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Letter "O"- A post mostly in Pictures

Fishies in the Ocean. As you can see, BooBoo LOVED putting his Fishies into his own ocean. He very carefully lined each fish up in a column. 

He loved saying "ah ah ah ah ah!!!"
Finishing some "o's" with a flourish.
Attempted to teach the difference between Big "O" and little "o" using oranges on an orange tree. Notice the attempted...
He kind of just put his "o's" wherever he wanted to...
 He is still a little young for the concept, but it was worth a shot.
So intent...
These next few pictures crack me up. We gave BooBoo a Chalkimamy Mat
from Adornwithaandm for Easter and he LOVED using it today.

What? Don't you write with your tongue out?

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