Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Week of Letter "M"

Last week I wrote about an update with my little boy, Monkey. Because he started preschool the same week we were learning about letter "M", things got a little crazy. We were almost able to stick to our preschool schedule.

Monday - Reading

We started off our "M" week by creating the letter of the week. I decided that Monkey should make a mountain because we live by mountains (This great idea came from No Time For Flashcards). Monkey had a blast doing this letter of the week project. He even pulled out his crayons and had fun coloring all over this mountain. I tried to get him to practice writing the letter "M" out, but he wanted to color instead. Oh well, at least, I tried. And, as you can tell, Monkey was sick of the picture taking. He is that stage of hating his picture being taken.

Monkey LOVED My "m" Book because it had monkeys in it. We read it many times and practiced saying the letter and its sound. We also tried to read books that featured the letter "M" in order to connect words with the letter.

Tuesday - Science

This was by far Monkey's favorite activity project we have done so far. I'm so glad that I found this idea at Creekside Learning I made a sensory bin where Monkey could explore with a a magnet wand and see what items are magnetic and what items are not magnetic.It was fun watching Monkey play in the rice bin and see what items stuck to the magnet and what items didn't. I used a variety of items such as pom poms, twisty ties, pencils, pens, canning lids, plastic rings, rubber bands, little magnets, batteries, etc.

I made the magnetic wand by hot gluing a big magnet onto a large craft stick. Make it at home instead of buying one in order to save money!

Wednesday - Math

I decided to do another interactive math activity because Monkey likes them. I found this fun idea from No Time For Flashcards. So I got these white bins from Walmart (3 bins for $1.34) and I labeled them with numbers. I also numbered ten envelopes.

Monkey had fun sorting the mail. I think next time I will put things in the envelopes that correspond to the numbers because Monkey was disappointed that the envelopes were empty.

Thursday - Art

Because Monkey loved the magnet activity we did on Tuesday, I thought it would be fun to use magnets again with another project. We used magnets and paper clips to paint. Rockabye Butterfly gave me the inspiration. Anyways, Monkey wanted as many colors on his paper plate as possible. He had fun for a little awhile using his magnet want to move a paper clip through the paint. But, then, he wanted his paintbrush so he could "really paint".

This is a great painting activity. I had fun painting with magnets and paper clips too!

Friday - Physical Exercise

Well, I have to admit that we didn't really do anything grand today. I originally planned to go on a nature walk up in the mountains, but my husband had to work all day long (16 hours). And, I just didn't want to do it by myself. So I had Monkey play outside with the dirt or "mud" while I did some yard work.

Saturday - Music

I made sure to make today super fun because I felt bad about not doing any special yesterday. So we made maracas! This worked out so well since one of the Monkey's vocabulary list from preschool had the word maracas on it. I totally recommend using this simple but fun way to make maracas from Easter eggs from Dana Made It.

Monkey didn't care to decorate them because he just wanted to shake them. So I ended up decorating them. I'm just glad he had fun making some music today. I wanted to show how much fun he had with the maracas, but Monkey is in the stage where he doesn't like getting his picture taken. *sigh*

Sunday - Religion

Well, today was the other day that kind of got "forgotten". Out of desperation I let Monkey watch the animated scripture series, The Miracles of Jesus. Then, I talked with him about the movie and what miracles mean.

Like I said, this week was crazy, and I just didn't get all the projects and activities I planned into each day. But, oh well. Monkey didn't seem to mind, and he still learned a lot from the projects.

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