Monday, April 14, 2014

Roar Lion Roar!

Last Tuesday we learned about the letter L  and in that post I mentioned some further crafts I intended to do, including a lions mask. Life has been hectic recently, but I finally had time to try and realize my vision and... well... it didn't exactly turn out the way I'd hoped. However, it's still simple to do and would be an easy motor activity for children 4 and up.

First, find a foam visor. The one I found has a flexible coil along the back and holes pre-punched along the edges. Since the coil is flexible, I'll use it to hold the mask under BooBoo's chin. Next, find yarn you like. I used this fun textured yarn in orange and white. The only problem with using something like this is that it comes apart very easily and can be kind of hard to get through the holes. This is where you have to decide if it's worth your time to have something extra cute, or if you just want to use regular yarn. If you're using this as a project for the kids, I would recommend using regular yarn so it's less frustrating for them. Then, cute off long strips of yarn in varying sizes. I used longer sizes for the sides and got smaller as I went up. I  wanted the top to still look mane like and not too droopy.

Thread the yarn through the first hole, pull until the two ends are even, then tie a knot so that it forms a loop OR tie at the hole so that the ends are separate. Once again this all comes down to aesthetics. Then skip a hole and repeat on the third. I found doing every other hole was the best for me because it made it easier to see the loops and gave it more of a lion's mane look.

Look to this link later for an update including pictures of BooBoo the Lion! I can't wait to show my little 'Simba' off!

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