Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Loving Letter 'L'

For this weeks post we did something a little unorthodox. To explain- we didn't really have a lesson. Instead, I worked it into things we were already doing.

For example, while at the store yesterday, we made a game of finding things that started with 'lah', like 'lemon' or 'lion' or 'letters'. Speaking of letters- our local Michael's has chunky wooden letters in their cheap bin and BooBoo always insists on stopping to look at them. We made sure to point out all the things that start with 'L'.

When we got home we focused on other things that start with 'L' like 'love'. We had a 'We Love Daddy' night- because everyone deserves to feel special once in awhile. I made one of McGee's favorite dinners - Crockpot Chicken Cordon Bleu. BooBoo and I made some signs and talked about 'love starting with  'L' and what love means.

Later this week we'll work on writing 'L's' and I have a plan for a lion mask. I can't wait to post about the other projects. BooBoo really enjoyed finding the 'L's' as we walked around. I love working learning into everyday activities!

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