Monday, May 26, 2014

Flower Wreaths

I love making floral arrangements. It is something that I stumbled upon when I was a teenager when my mom was trying to make a floral arrangement for a wedding arch for my brother's wedding. I told her I would do it, and that is when I discovered this ability.

One of my favorite type of floral arrangements involves dried flowers. I love having decorations around the house that remind me of special occasions. This floral wreath that I made this week is for my sister. She recently got married, and I told her that I would make something special with her wedding flowers.

Here are the general instructions to make a floral wreath along with how I made the wreath pictured above:

Step 1
You will need flowers (dried or fake), wire cutters, floral tape, steel wire, hot glue gun, greenery (ivy, leaves, etc), and a wreath (I buy mine at Hobby Lobby and used 40% off coupon found on their website)

Step 2
Attach whatever type of greenery you want for the "base" of the wreath. It can be ivy or some variety of leaves (it can be whatever color you want!). The greenery helps add depth and color to the wreath. I attach the greenery by wrapping it around the wreath and attaching it by using floral tape.

Step 3
Attach the flowers to the wreath either by using floral tape or a hot glue gun. I prefer using floral tape with fake flowers since it they don't break with a lot of movement. I prefer using a hot glue gun to attach dried flowers to the wreath because it allows me to attach them with very little manipulation.

I attach the flowers that I want to be the focus of the wreath first. Thus, I used the delphiniums first. Because the delphiniums had a long stem, I used the floral tap. I put them on one side of the wreath because they will be balanced by the ribbon.

I then attached the hydrangeas using a hot glue gun because I wanted them to look like snowballs.

Step 4
Next, I attached the ribbon. Ribbon can be attached in a variety of ways. For this wreath, I wanted to use two types of ribbon because royal blue and red were my sister's wedding colors. I started off by first attaching the blue ribbon.

Then after one twist, I attached the red ribbon to the blue ribbon using some hot glue and proceeded to wind the two ribbons around until I reached the hydrangeas, and then finished the ribbon part by ending it with only using the red ribbon (I just cut the rest of the blue ribbon off at the back of the wreath).

Step 5
Attach the red roses. I attached the red roses last because they still look pretty when seen sideways. I attached them by using my hot glue gun and gently pushing the stem with the glue into the wreath. The roses were attached to both sides of the wreath.

Step 6
If necessary, attach more greenery. I attached some dried green leaves because the wreath just didn't seem balanced. I also liked the depth of color that was added.

Step 7
Create a hanger by using steel wire and wire cutters. I will be honest and admit that I don't make pretty hangers. I simply cut some wire (about 8 inches long) and wrap it several times among the wreath branches

I ended up getting another piece of steel wire and wrapping it around the first hook so it would be stronger and so it would look nicer.

Step 8
Make sure everything is attached and then enjoy your beautiful masterpiece

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