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Last Letter Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

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About the product

The Classic Last Letter Game with a Creative Twist
Our fresh take on this simple last letter game will inspire creativity, laughter and fast thinking. Race to come up with a word that is pictured on one of the cards in your hand. Your word must begin with the last letter of the word previously called. Call your word first to discard a card. Be the first player to get rid of your cards and you win! Unique illustrations encourage creativity and allow for countless interpretations and a new experience each time you play.
  • Ages 8 to Adult, Multiplayer
  • Includes 61 Illustrated cards with original artwork
  • Travel-friendly storage box
  • Nostalgic last letter concept and "seek and find" play pattern appeals to the whole family
  • Game invented by Joe and Dave Herbert

My thoughts 
*note: pictures were obtained from since there pictures do a much better job at showing how the game works

My family loves games, and I love playing games when we have company over. However, sometimes playing games can be a huge pain when they take a long time to play or have really complicated instructions. I like the ability to pull out a game that doesn't require tons of explanation, and  Last Letter fits that requirement.

Here is how the game works:
*taken form the instruction manual
To be the first player to get rid of your cards.

Each player is dealt five cards face-down. One card is placed face-up in the center of the table in order to create the Discard Pile. The remaining cards can be put aside for future games.

Steps to play:
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  1. The dealer looks at the card in the Discard Pile and calls out a word that represents something picture on the card. 
  2. All the players (including the dealer) look at their cards and try to find something pictured on their cards that begins with the last letter of the word just called.
  3. Once a player finds an acceptable word pictured on one of their five cards, he or she calls out the word and places the corresponding card on top of the Discard Pile. All players now look to fin a word that starts with this new letter.
  4. If two or more players call out an acceptable word at the same time, the first of those players to place their card on the Discard Pile wins the tie. All other players involved in the tie must keep their cards.
  5. The game continues until one player discards his or her last card. This player is the winner!
I wanted to try it out as soon as I got the game so I played it with my husband. We had a fun time trying to out think each other and being creative. We loved the game so much that we played it with some friends. Our friends thought it was an easy game to learn and fun to play! I really liked how this game can have up to 12 people playing! Plus, the game is still quick to play even with more players.

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There are plenty of cards to play with so don't worry about having game sessions that are similar. It will change each time because the illustrated cards have very interesting and silly pictures on them! My oldest child is only 3 years old so he couldn't really play the game. However, he enjoys looking at the cards and pointing out various objects and people he sees. I love how this game is encouraging him to practice speaking. I can't wait until he is older so we can play this game to help him with his spelling and vocabulary skills!

I love games that are fun while it makes your brain think. I definitely recommend getting this game! You can go here to buy it.

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