Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Week of the Letter "P"

This last week has been pretty crazy for me. Life gave me many showers in April and my family is praying that it will be May flowers. Because of various reasons that I will eventually talk about in one of the Friday posts, I wasn't able to do as much letter "p" activities and projects that I normally do with my little boy. Thankfully, he is attending preschool for his speech delays so I don't feel too bad about not getting everything in since he is still learning.

I will share what I did and what I planned so you can still have your inspiration!

Monday - Reading

We started off the week by doing a letter "P" project by making a peacock. It is really simple to make because you just need to cut out some feather like shapes and a beak. And you will need some paint, a paintbrush, and a googly glue. Monkey had so much fun gluing feathers to the letter "P" and even more fun painting them.

Next, we practiced writing the letter "P" and saying its sound. Monkey was more interested in coloring the pig and scribbling, but at least we are practicing so eventually it will click in his brain. I created the worksheet by using StartWrite 6.0 Handwriting Worksheet software (my review will be up this week!).

We finished the day by reading My "p" Book.

Tuesday - Science

Monkey learned about pepper and surface tension. When he saw me place two jars of water on the table, he got way excited and starting talking about eggs (we learned about "floating eggs" during letter "E" week). I was glad to see that the activities I do with Monkey actually stick with him! Just go to show that the work you put into the activities with your little ones do make an impact.

Anyways, this is a simple experiment. All you will need is some pepper, jars with water, and some dish soap. I used two jars of water because it gave Monkey more opportunity to explore instead of waiting for me to keep refilling the jars with clean water.

Fill a jar or cup with water. Sprinkle pepper on top. Place a little dab of soap on your finger and then put your finger in the center of the cup (just on the water's surface is fine). Then watch what happens! I did it first to show Monkey what we were doing. He was so excited to see the pepper scatter to the edge of the cup. Even though he didn't understand the concept of lowering the surface tension of water, he was able to see surface tension in action!

Basically, the soap disrupts the surface tension of the water and the tension of the rest of the water pulls the pepper to the sides of the jar/cup. Awesome, huh?!?

Wednesday - Mathematics

Math and art got combined today. I let Monkey explore measuring and counting with popcorn. He loved this! He had lots of fun crunching the popcorn so it got a little messy. So be away of the mess this activity might make if you do it. I would help him count popcorn pieces, popcorn scoops, and popcorn handfuls. We would even see how many scoops were needed to feel up the bowl.

Thursday - Art

Monkey loves to glue so I decided after we were done learning about math, I would let him glue popcorn onto a piece of paper. I simply allowed him to squirt glue out and place popcorn onto the glue. I wanted to do something that wasn't planned and spontaneous. It turned out great.

Friday - Physical Exercise

This was a simple activity. I took my two boys on a walk to the park. We had fun discussing the objects we saw on the walk. I then just let Monkey have fun exploring and running around at the park. Going to the park is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise that doesn't require any planning!

Note: I wanted to do a picnic at the park, but things came up so we didn't do it. However, I think having a picnic would be a great way to teach about the letter "P".

Saturday - Music

Today, I tried to teach Monkey the song, Popcorn Popping on an Apricot Tree. It is a popular children's song in my church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). I found this cute video, and I let Monkey watch it.

Sunday -Religion

We ended up visiting family today so I didn't get a chance to do anything with the letter "P" before bedtime. Anyways, I was going to use this lesson from LDS.org and just adapt it to my family needs. There are so many great lessons in their manuals!

I hope you have fun teaching your kiddos about the letter "P". Here are some more alphabet ideas:

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