Monday, May 12, 2014

Snow Storm Fighting Flowers

April Showers bring May flowers? I wish! Here in Colorado our Mother's Day ushered in a snow storm that continued into today. Ew. Seriously. Ew. It's been in the 70's and 80's up until now, so this was an unwelcome development.In a last ditch effort to bring some color into our lives i decided to make some flowers using odds and ends I had around the house.

What you'll need:

-Cupcake liners
-Unwrapped crayons
-Pipe Cleaners

First, lay cupcake liners flat. I used a mixture of preprinted and white liners. Then, lay the liners on a flat and hard surface. Roll the crayons across the liners to create texture and overall color. Don't be afraid to overlay (for example: I rolled blue, yellow, and then green on the top one in the picture to the right); I love the layered effect it makes. BooBoo also LOVED helping with the coloring part. It was a new way of coloring and I loved watching him try to figure out how to make it work (ie Crayons with wrappers still on don't make any colors... Weird, huh?)

The next part is up to you. Take 2 liners and combine them any way you wish. Whether that be cutting some into interesting shapes or folding or just putting 2 back-to back, have fun! Insert pipe cleaners (I folded them in half with the ends poking into the liners) and attach them to your flower on the inside (I taped them to both backsides of the flower and then taped the 2 backsides together, you could do the same with glue). Then, I bent the loop part into a leaf shape and twisted another pipe cleaners ends (I also folded it in half) through the leaf to make a cohesive stem. Here's some of my results:

 I love these flowers. They may not be fancy, but they add the warmth and color I so desperately needed on this dreary, wintery, MAY day. What colors and patterns would you use?

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