Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quilting Queen?

This week's letter is 'Q'. I've spent the last few weeks plotting and planning exactly the right way to teach this letter and I finally hit gold (in my humble opinion) a week or so ago. BooBoo and I were going to make a Quilt. No, not out of fabric. I'm not THAT insane. I decided to feed in to BooBoo's obsession with coloring and print out a quilt pattern coloring page several times over and then cut each square out. BooBoo and I then proceeded to color them, then piece together our own 'quilt' on the table. He loved this. Loved. He kept pausing to write his own 'Q's' on random scraps of paper. Did they look anything like the original letter? No. But it's the thought that counts.

Ok, so, not the best picture.But, it made me laugh so hard when I saw it.

We then traced the actual letters on this writing page I found online. BooBoo has trouble keeping his scribbles small, but he still greatly enjoyed it. He relishes being a Big Boy like our friend J1 (5 year old). "I Big Boy! I write Q! QWA QWA Q!" Silly little goof.

And lest you think Goofy Girl has fallen off the face of the Earth, here's what she's been up to:

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