Saturday, January 3, 2015

Peeve, My Parents' Pet Review

About the book

For ages 3-9

A young boy is determined to hunt down Peeve, the mysterious and mischievous pet his parents talk about so often. Although his parents' pet is apparently quite small, Peeve certainly causes a lot of trouble. Peeve leaves chocolate finger prints on the piano, toys all over the house, water on the bathroom floor, mud on the carpet, and crumbs on the couch. What kind of unusual pet is Peeve? And why do the boy's parents let such a wild pet live in their home? Both children and adults will relate to this humorous story, which will likely lead to a discussion about their own pet peeves.

About the author

Tom Ryan
obtained from author's website
"Peeve, My Parents' Pet" is Tom's debut picture book. He grew up near Wausau, Wisconsin and attended UW-Madison, where he studied Journalism and Reverse Psychology.

When he's not coaching youth sports, attempting to grow giant pumpkins or writing Haiku about his train commute, he works in the communications department at MillerCoors. Tom lives in the Milwaukee area with his wife, Kim, and two young sons.

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My thoughts

It has been a little a while since I have actually read a children's book that completely took me by surprise by the author's creativity and cleverness. Peeve, My Parent's Pet made me laugh with every page because it was comical to see how the term "my pet peeve" is perceived by a child. The best part was seeing how much Monkey loved the book. He giggled and laughed while he looked through the book and wanted to talk to me about each of the illustrations.

Peeve, My Parent's Pet is a book that will be enjoyed by both parents and children. The fun part of the book is when the the young boy draws a picture of peeve. I had Monkey draw a picture of what he thought
Peeve looked like. He ended up talking to me more about Peeve instead of drawing it, but at least we were able to do a fun activity with it.

As proof of how much I enjoyed this book, I bought one and gave it as a gift to a friend and her kids!

*Disclosure: I received the product mentioned in this post at no cost in order to do this review. All opinions are my own.

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