Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Week of the Letter U (#preschool)

This week, Monkey got to learn about the Letter "U". We did several activities to learn about this letter. I hope you and your kiddos enjoy them as much as we did.

Letter of the week

Monkey loves bugs and digging in the dirt. So I knew he would love being introduced to the letter "U" by doing a little project called "U is for Underground".

How to make U is for Underground:
  1. Get construction paper. You will need a full sheet of brown paper for the ground and a small piece a green for grass. You choose whatever color you want for the letter "U"
  2. Freehand and cut our the letter "U" 
  3. Either cut about 20 strips of green strips for grass or have your kiddo use scissors to cut into the 1 paper strip to make grass (that is what I did...turned out pretty well).
  4. Use stickers or pieces of paper that represent things underground for the page. I didn't have anything really creative around my house so I created a page filled with items to be cut out and then glued on (drawing pictures is not Monkey's favorite thing to do).
  5. Have fun!
While he worked on his letter U project, I talked with him about what the word under means. He even had fun talking about other things he has discovered in the ground like roots and seeds. He was so excited to glue the ants, worms, and rocks on his paper. He loves glue.


During the week of the letter U, Monkey and I read this book, My "u" Book, all the week long! I had these growing up as a child. I love them still and so does Monkey. You can find them on Amazon.

I am encouraging Monkey to practice writing the letters. Writing is not Monkey's favorite thing to do this activity is usually received with happy faces. He loves the pictures and coloring them, but he doesn't like writing. I am hoping in time that he will gain an appreciation for letters. At least he does cooperate.

I made this worksheet using the StartWrite program which is amazing. I made this worksheet in 3 minutes! I know it isn't glamorous, but it gets the point across. Check out the review to see what else you can do with this program.

I helped him practice writing the uppercase and lowercase letter "u".


I like to encourage creativity so I helped Monkey make an umbrella. This idea came from a Ramblings of a Crazy Woman Blog.

How to make the umbrella:

  1. Get one paper plate, construction paper, yarn, and a hole puncher.
  2. Cut out 4 raindrop shapes and an umbrella like handle. 
  3. Cut the paper plate in half. Then cut from the top of one paper plate down to the middle of the paper plate half. Then cut from the bottom to the middle of the other paper plate. This will allow you to slide the paper plate halves onto each other.
  4. Decorate.
  5. Punch 1 hole at the top of the umbrella and 4 holes on the bottom (1 hole on each side).
  6. Use yarn to attach the raindrops to the umbrella and use yarn to hang up the umbrella.

Monkey loves to paint and was overjoyed with the idea of making an umbrella and rain drops. I even brought out some glitter glue!

I hung up the umbrella in Monkey's room once it was done. He loves it. He even pretended to use it to protect himself from the rain. I sure love this boy!

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