Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rove Products Review (#begreen, #giftguide)

About 14-Ounce Double Wall Hot & Cold Hydration Mug

Sip from anywhere around the lid, keep drinks hot or cold everywhere you go.This eco-responsible 14 ounce hot & cold hydration travel mug by rove is loaded with high quality materials and advanced features that make sipping your favorite beverages a refreshing pleasure. The one-touch push open lid offers 360 degrees of sipping area all around the rim. And when you finish sipping, one touch provides a leak-proof seal.Drinks stay hot or cold longer in this stylish travel mug, thanks to double wall insulation, which reduces exterior condensation and eliminates puddles.
My thoughts

I have been needing a new water container, and when I read about the double wall hot and cold hydration mug I really wanted to try it out. I love the fact that this mug can be used for hot and cold liquids because I drink. And, it does keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold.

The 360 degrees of sipping area is pretty cool especially for mugs! I love the fact that I don't have to make sure I am drinking from the right spot because it doesn't matter.

The one-touch push open lid is really simple to use. One push opens the mug up and another push closes the mug. I love that feature because with little kiddos I don't have to worry about them spilling my drink. This mug is definitely something you won't regret getting. I use mine on a daily basis.

About 20-Ounce Double Wall Flavor Infuser Tumbler

Become your own mixologist with this rove 20 ounce Double Wall Flavor Infuser Tumbler. Just add your favorite beverage to the tumbler, then fill the removable Flavor Pod with either fresh fruit, frozen fruit, veggies such as cucumbers, flavored ice or fresh herbs to infuse your drink naturally. The Flavor Pod has a large capacity to hold multiple flavorings, and is top loading for easy refilling.Plus, this infuser tumbler is double wall insulated to keep your beverage cooler on the go, eliminate puddles, and reduce exterior condensation for a more comfortable grip. A dual access lid lets you sip through the mouthpiece or with the curved straw, which has a flared end to keep it in the tumbler. The twist-on lid’s silicone seal ring eliminates big spills. A protective sleeve keeps your hands dry while providing a comfortable, sure grip. This user-friendly 20 ounce beverage infuser is also eco-friendly.

My thoughts

I have never tried a flavor infuser tumbler before; in fact, I have never tried a tumbler. Anyways, I have had fun trying it out. This tumbler is really easy to use. I put whatever I want inside the flavor pod and then I enjoy the wonderful drink that I made.

My little boy absolutely loves this tumbler! He drinks from it everyday because he loves the fact that his "cup" has a straw and that he can have fruit in his drink. He really loves strawberries so he has been enjoying a strawberry drink the last week. I have been enjoying strawberries and lemons in mine.

This tumbler is definitely a fun way to spice up your drinks and keep them cold!

About 7-Piece Laptop Iced Bento Lunch Box

This versatile 7 piece laptop Bistro Box by rove takes lunch service to another level, allowing you to enjoy hot lunch service, cold lunch service, and bistro box service on the go, while keeping it fresh and cold for hours. Constructed of BPA-free, durable polypropylene, Bistro Box includes a large bistro box, hinged lid with carrying handle, 2 triangular containers, built-in reusable fork and spoon, and a non-toxic removable freezer gel pack. Freeze gel pack to activate. When ready to use, attach gel pack to inside of hinged lid.

Lunch can be packed in a variety of ways to fit your needs. Basic Pack: pack everything in the large container when you do not need to keep ingredients separate. Hot Lunch Pack: put food in separate compartments, or microwave them at different settings. Bistro Pack: use the 2 triangular containers when you want a little of this and a little of that, like half a sandwich and fruit. Solo Pack: use one container for a quick lunch or snack.

Bistro Box has a variety of on the go uses – it is ideal for taking a luscious lunch to work, around town, to a picnic, or even on an airplane. Bistro Box containers are top-rack dishwasher safe, microwaveable, eco-friendly, and available in 4 trend-right colors to fit your healthy on the go lifestyle. Move up to a smarter lunch box: the sleek, compact and versatile rove iced Bistro Box that keeps food cold and fresh for hours.

My thoughts

It is hard to find a really good lunch box. Either they are too small, too big, or are really cheap and break. Thankfully, I have the perfect solution for your lunch box woes! You just need the 7-Piece Laptop Iced Bento Lunch Box

I low how the Bento lunch box comes with a fork, a spoon, and a freezer gel pack that is non-toxic. It is nice to have a lunch box that is designed to carry those items. The fun thing with this lunch box is that you can choose how you want to use it because there are different ways to pack food in it. The first way is you can use the 5 compartment box container so you can keep all your food separated until you want to mix it up such a salad (or if you want the food to be separated for your entire lunch time). And the second way is to use just the square container if you are taking large food items like a sandwich.

I love how this lunch box is so versatile because it makes it that more more usable! This is one lunch box you will keep using over and over. And, the best part about this lunch box is that it is dishwasher and microwave safe!

*Disclosure: I received the products mentioned in this post at no cost in order to do this review. All opinions are my own.

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