Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Danish Dough Whisk Review (#baking, #giftguide, #gogreen)

About the product

  • Professionals Choice - A secret weapon that expert bakers use to produce PERFECT dough each time
  • No Mess! - Easy to clean. Sponge, soap and water. Way easier to clean then a traditional wire dough whisk
  • The Danish Dough Whisk is exactly what you need for PERFECT pizza, pastry, bread, and pasta dough
  • Exceptional Product - Food grade stainless steel construction with an easy to grip sturdy wooden handle.

My thoughts

Baking is something I have always loved to do. I guess it reminds me of my chemistry days because my kitchen is my lab now. I grew up using a wooden spoon to make bread, cakes, etc. I only started making my baked goods with  a Kitchen Aid the last few years because my sweet mother-in-law gave me one as a Christmas gift when she learned I didn't have one. She wanted to make my life easier.  And, it did.

However, I know that there are so many people who can't go out and buy a Kitchen Aid or a Bosch. And I know from experience that many people don't make bread because of the time and the mess. I have a solution for you: get the Danish dough whisk.

I decided to first try out the Danish dough whisk by making some wheat bread. I wanted to see if the dough whisk could handle heavy bread dough. I documented the progress:

Mixing the ingredients with about three-fourths of the flour

Mixing with more flour

Final product. This is how the bowl, whisk, & dough  looked at the very end.

All I have to say is WOW! I was able to mix the bread dough with ease, and all the flour got mixed into the dough. And the best part was seeing how my mixing bowl was practically clean and it only took a few minutes to wash the bowl and the whisk! This whisk is also good for making batters, cookies, biscuits, and more. I have been having lots of fun trying it out with my recipes. The only cons I have about this Danish dough whisk is that it makes me wish I could go back in time and give it to my younger self to make my life easier.

This Danish dough whisk is a kitchen gadget that I would definitely recommend. I love the idea of having a gadget that I can make dough with ease especially if there is no electricity (and yes I know that an oven requires electricity so I am looking into learning how to do solar ovens...I'm all about being prepared).

Anyways, I love how the Danish dough whisk is very reasonably priced so practically anyone can get one and start making things from scratch. This is a start into a healthier lifestyle because you won't be eating tons of preservatives and you will know exactly what is in your food.

*Disclosure: I received the product mentioned in this post at no cost in order to do this review. All opinions are my own.

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