Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sneaky Math - A Graphic Primer With Projects Review


About the book

Many people fear math and numbers, even Barbie, who famously said "Math class is tough" in her controversial 1992 talking doll version. But in Sneaky Math, Cy Tymony takes tough and turns it into triumph. He shows us how math is all around us through intriguing and easy projects, including 20 pass-along tools to complement math education programs.

The book is divided into seven sections:

 1. Fundamentals of Numbers and Arithmetic
 2. Algebra Primer
 3. Geometry Primer
 4. Trigonometry Primer
 5. Calculus Primer
 6. Sneaky Math Challenges, Tricks, and Formulas
 7. Resources

About the author

Cy Tymony is an amazing inventor. By reading comic books and studying science as a young boy he amazed his friends with unusual scientific projects, demonstrations and ideas. He is trained in auto mechanics, electronics, video and audio technology and computer science and has taken courses in martial arts, security and survival techniques. For decades has focused his enthusiasm, creativity and imagination on educating people of all ages and walks of life. He is the author of the Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things book series.

Cy Tymony is a real live renaissance man. He has lots of media experience. He is a wonderful and inspiring guest with a childlike enthusiasm for science and technology. His Sneaky Uses books explore the delight of finding. He has an incredible and contagious energy who delights in sharing the wonders of the human potential.

My thoughts

I love math. I didn't major in math when I went to college, but I went into chemistry and focused on quantum chemistry which uses a lot of math. Sadly, not everyone loves math. I know a lot of people who hate math because they just don't get it or had bad teachers.

For those you want to understand the principles of math or just want to have a super cool book that provides fun projects to do, then you must check out this book, Sneaky Math a Graphic Primer With Projects.

Sneaky Math is a fantastic book that is written so the basics of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus are easily explained. The examples Tymony provides are easy to follow. I love how Tymony provides projects throughout the book to make the math learning process more hands on. The projects are designed to be simple, easy, and fun to do.

Here is an example of one project to help you understand and practice fractions:

This book is designed to help everyone tackle those challenging math concepts. And, I can totally see why because the author explains the concepts clearly using real life applications and fun projects. Plus, there are tons of visuals on each page so you can see exactly what the author is talking about.  I have really been enjoying this book, and I hope you will too!

And be sure to check out the Sneaky Uses website for more books and fun and creative ideas!

*Disclosure: I received the product mentioned in this post at no cost in order to do this review. All opinions are my own.

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